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I Am That Man

A Common Man With an Uncommon Desire to Succeed

January 04-05, 2014
Lead Pastor - Jim Burgen

One of the reasons that many of us fail - especially men - is that we've been following a dumbed-down and incorrect version of Jesus that isn't really worth following. But, if we could see Jesus as he really is and if we could understand how Jesus really sees us, many of the problems and challenges that we face in our daily lives today could be faced in a new, better way.


Discussion Questions


  1. "All We Can Give" Tommy Staudt
  2. "Awesome is the Lord Most High" Chris Tomlin

    From the album “See the Morning”

  3. "I’m Still a Guy" Brad Paisley

    From the album “5th Gear”

  4. "Our God" Chris Tomlin

    From the album “And if Our God is For Us...”