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2700 S Downing St
Denver, CO 80210
  • Sunday - 9:00, 11:00 AM
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24887 Genesee Trail Road
Golden, CO 80401
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Lafayette Campus

355 W South Boulder Road
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Backseat Driver

March 31-01, 2012
Lead Pastor - Jim Burgen

Why do so many of us say that we want God to run our lives yet spend so much time arguing with God about how his plan won't work? (Faith, Second chances)


Discussion Questions


  1. "The Only Name" Randy Pearce

    From the flatirons live worship album “To Know You”

  2. "All Because of Jesus" Fee

    From the album “We Shine”

  3. "This" Darius Rucker

    From the album “Charleston, SC 1966”

  4. "I Will Follow" Chris Tomlin

    From the album “And if Our God is For Us”