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Spiritual Formation Becoming more like Jesus


Here at Flatirons, we believe that the ultimate goal God has for us is to become more like Jesus. Apprenticeship is the process whereby one person becomes more like another person. This involves training to align our life with Jesus and his teaching. As a result, we live a new life that is very different than the life we lived before (Matthew 7:24-25, Romans 6:4).

If you’re wondering where to start or feeling a little overwhelmed, start with our Basic Training.

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Basic Training & Bible Plan

In the military, basic training is what turns civilians into soldiers. In it you are taught all of the basic skills needed to be a soldier, skills that you will use for the rest of your military career. Your life will depend on your mastery of what you learn in basic training. This concept is found all over.

“Flatirons Basic Training” contains the truths and disciplines that you will return to over and over. These are the essential skills you revisit when you wander off the path. You will use them for the rest of your life. As a follower of Jesus, you will build your life upon them.
When you take the time to work through “Flatirons Basic Training” and then start incorporating this teaching from Jesus into your daily life, you are building your house on a bedrock of truth that will withstand all of the suffering, garbage, betrayal, addiction, sickness and loss that life will throw at you.

You will remain standing.

Pick up a free copy in the lobby of any Flatirons campus, or download a pdf version here.

Bible Reading Plan

The Flatirons Bible Reading Plan is designed to help you establish the practice of nourishing your soul using God’s word. As pastors, we often hear of people’s struggles with the Bible. They don’t know where to start, don’t understand what it says, and soon get frustrated. Our philosophy, especially when first establishing this habit, is to stick to the New Testament. The place to start is Jesus. Get as much Jesus as you can. You can pick up the Old Testament later, after being well grounded in the teachings of Jesus.

It’s OK if you don’t understand everything. Be faithful and over time you will understand more and more. The ONLY way this habit doesn’t change your life is if you give up. Jesus uses the analogy of seed falling on four types of soil (Luke 8). In three of the four soils, God’s word is stolen, shriveled, and choked. It bears no fruit. But the fourth soil is the person whose life is changed by God’s word. It takes root and bears fruit. Jesus describes it this way, “But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.” (Luke 8:4-15). These are people who ”hear God’s word and put it into practice” (Luke 8:21). God’s word is fruitful in changing our lives when we hear God’s word, retain it, persevere in it, and put it into practice.

Another question people ask pastors is, “How do you get so much out of the Bible? How do you know it and understand it so well?” It’s important to realize that we have been studying God’s word as a daily habit, many of us for over 30 years. One essential element is that you need a plan. The Flatirons Bible Reading Plan helps you establish this life changing practice.

Click here to learn more about the Flatirons Bible Reading Plan.

Soul Beauty & Groups

Soul Beauty

We invite you to come and face the “you” you’ve become. You will have opportunities to be honest with God, hear new truth about yourself, and embrace your God-given femininity. It is a chance to be unashamedly you.

If you are willing to be honest with yourself and others then you may be ready for Soul Beauty. Each woman takes her own journey on this weekend, but we share the experience together. Soul Beauty is an opportunity to be yourself and to be loved and accepted for who you really are.

Check the Soul Beauty Website for upcoming weekends.

Soul Groups

Soul Work Groups are offered twice a year. It is not necessary to have completed the Soul Beauty Weekend to be part of group. If you would like to be included in the mailing list for upcoming groups, please fill out the form below.

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The Crucible Project

The Crucible Weekend is designed to challenge you to take a hard look at what is and is not working in your life. We give you the opportunity to wrestle with God and discover new truths about yourself — and embrace your God-given masculinity.

Join the community of men from Flatirons and around the world who have gone before you.

Check The Crucible Project Website for upcoming weekends.