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Urban Mosaic



At the end of 2009, Flatirons entered into a partnership with Urban Mosaic, an Organization that works in slum communities in and around Mexico City. The Urban Mosaic team has worked with community leaders to develop initiatives aimed at effectively transforming life in the slums of Mexico City. While all these initiatives are aimed at the communities where they work, each initiative is being carefully evaluated and documented in order to develop templates that can be effectively used to transform slums around the world—currently, Urban Mosaic is piloting their transformational model in the coastal regions of Colombia.


  • Sign up for Urban Mosaic’s monthly e-Newsletter: http://www.urbanmosaic.net/home/ (bottom of page)
  • Sign up for Urban Mosaic’s prayer team: http://www.urbanmosaic.net/prayer-team.
  • Learn more: https://www.urbanmosaic.net/global-urban-poverty
  • Post the e-newsletter somewhere that you see it often to remind you to pray (near dinner table, office)
  • Set a recurring calendar appointment as a reminder to pray regularly for Urban Mosaic.
  • Follow Urban Mosaic on social media for specific prayer requests (Facebook, Instagram, TwitterYoutube)
  • Post a map or picture in a place to remind you to pray for Urban Mosaic.
  • As you get to know more about Urban Mosaic, consider picking out a few things or people to specifically and consistently pray for.
    • Examples: staff, community leaders, initiatives, the Urban Mosaic Leadership team: Jean-Luc, Oscar, Carina as they lead the Urban Mosaic team


  • Financially one time or ongoing:  http://www.urbanmosaic.net/donate
  • Send Others
  • Support short-term participants: Financially, prayerfully and tangibly (rides to/from airport, supplies the team needs, etc) http://flatironschurch.com/globaloutreach Click on Trips.
  • Advocate and Mobilize
  • Raise awareness with your friends, family, neighbors or coworkers about the incredible things God is doing through Urban Mosaic.
    • Be ready to talk about Urban Mosaic’s story
    • Post a prayer card or newsletter at your home or office
    • Social Media – “Join, Like, Follow” and “Share” Urban Mosaic and Urban Mosaic Events
    • Encourage a specific person to apply for a trip or attend an event.
  • Volunteer with Urban Mosaic here: http://www.urbanmosaic.net/volunteer



Have kids? See ways for them to get involved here!