Grow In Community

While we may learn in rows on the weekend, we think that we grow in circles!

If you’re interested in joining a group this fall, check back in August for a full listing of open groups in your area. If you’re looking for an online group, let us know about your availability here and we’ll match you with your closest timezone or city.

2018 Groups Kick-Off parties will be at all campuses August 11 & 12.

Interested in being a group leader?



What are the qualifications for leading a Group?

To have a growing relationship with Jesus, a place where your Group can meet (your house or public venue), and agree with the teachings, values and beliefs of Flatirons Community Church.

What is the time commitment?

Meet as a Group for 12 weeks from the first week of September to the week before Thanksgiving, attend your campus’ Leader Training, and be present for a weekend of Group kickoff (8/11-12, 8/18-19, 8/25-26).

Will Flatirons provide the content for my Group?

Yes. Each week Group Leaders will receive a content package to go through with their Groups. This package will include a video from Jim or Ben, discussion questions, an activity to help Leaders prepare to lead, and the biblical background and context for the scripture used in the sermon.

What about childcare?

It’s up to each Group to decide how to handle childcare. We recommend a couple solutions:

  1. Every parent figure out childcare themselves,
  2. Split the cost of a babysitter for your group,
  3. Alternate within your Group, or
  4. Include children in the Group every once in a while, using for supplemental content.