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Soul Beauty Weekend

Soul Beauty Weekend

July 21, 2017 - July 23, 2017


July 21-23, 2017

As women we are inundated with relentless messages to be more beautiful, achieve greater success, and do more things. That constant pressure eventually works its way inside and leaves us feeling stuck, unworthy, small and most certainly, unlovely. We become our own worst critics, constantly aware of our flaws whether real or imagined.

We get really good at hiding our true selves. We put on smiles. We play nice. We perform and conform. We wonder if we are truly loved and accepted for who we are. We wonder if we even know who we are.

It takes work to keep up appearances. So we get tired. Scattered. Resentful. Compelled. Depressed. Rigid. Manipulative. Hard-working. Self-righteous. And perhaps, most of all, we get lonely.

The pain in our past changes how we see ourselves, God, and others in the present. We are unable to see who God designed us to be or consistently live in the truth He has for us. All of our relationships suffer because of this false view we hold of ourselves.

This is why Soul Beauty was created. We invite you to come and face the “you” you’ve become. You will have opportunities to be honest with God, hear new truth about yourself, and embrace your God-given femininity. It is a chance to be unashamedly you.

If you are willing to be honest with yourself and others then you may be ready for Soul Beauty. Each woman takes her own journey on this weekend, but we share the experience together. Soul Beauty is an opportunity to be yourself and to be loved and accepted for who you really are.

Inside this intentional container of women you will have the opportunity to take a look inside and see how you’ve defined yourself. You’ll have time to listen to God and ponder what you’d like to keep, and what you would like to let go of in order for your soul to shine in all its God-given beauty.

The Soul Beauty weekend is a highly structured experiential intensive. It is designed to stretch you as you confront aspects of yourself you would otherwise prefer to keep hidden. It will be hard. It will be challenging. It will be redemptive. We encourage you to prayerfully consider if this is the right weekend and the right season of life for you to participate.