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MUSANA Community Development Organization



Beginning in November 2011, Flatirons entered into a partnership with Musana Community Development Organization in Iganga, Uganda. Musana is a multi-faceted organization that started as an orphanage and has now grown into a full-fledged community development organization. Currently, Musana has two primary and one secondary school, they work with community members by teaching trades and offering micro-lending projects, they operate a full-fledged medical clinic, and Musana runs a local café, managed and employed by Ugandans. The organization is focused in the direction of 100% sustainability, where all funding is locally generated and injected back into the community. Musana is providing education and a loving home for vulnerable children and changing a community for generations to come.


  • Sign up for Musana’s monthly e-Newsletter: www.musana.org
    • Post the e-newsletter somewhere that you see it often to remind you to pray (near dinner table, office)
    • Set a recurring calendar appointment as a reminder to pray regularly for Musana
  • Follow Musana on social media for specific prayer requests
  • Post a map or picture in a place to remind you to pray for Musana
  • As you get to know more about Musana, consider picking out a few things or people to specifically and consistently pray for
    • Examples: students and teachers, doctors and health admin to provide quality and compassionate care to community, Musana leadership team as Musana continues to grow. Haril and Andrea as they lead the Musana team in Uganda


  • Financially http://musana.org/donate/
    • A one-time gift to Musana (invite your employer to match it)
    • Become a monthly SHINE partner @ $40 per month: http://musana.org/shine/
  • Send Others
  • Advocate and Mobilize
    • Raise awareness with your friends, family, neighbors or coworkers about the incredible things God is doing through Musana
    • Wear Musana gear and be ready to talk about Musana’s story
    • Post a prayer card or newsletter at your home or office
    • Social Media – “Join, Like, Follow” and “Share” Musana and Musana Events
    • Encourage a specific person to apply for a trip or attend an event.
  • Volunteer with Musana at stateside events, fundraisers or projects throughout the year. http://musana.org/volunteer/


  • Flatirons Short-term trips: http://flatironschurch.com/globalimpact
  • Summer cultural emersion internship is for anyone 18 and over. Applications open in October for the 2019 summer and selection will happen in December 2018. musana.org/intern
  • Medical professionals, Vocational professionals (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, tailoring) or STEM Teachers who may want to spend 3 months to a year at Musana sharing their skill or professionalism with Musana staff. Professionals will work alongside Musana’s staff to learn from each other, provide professional counsel, encourage one another and more! Contact Susie Knight for details: susieknight@musana.org


Have kids? See ways for them to get involved here!