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sozo international




Sozo works to create transformational and sustainable solutions through initiatives in health care, education, and economic development. Flatirons has helped fund three key infrastructures in a new community made up of around 4,000 former IDPs (Internally Displaced People): a school, a clinic, and a water system that provides safe drinking water. Sozo also operates a school in Kabul that provides education and a meal to almost 800 kids who work various jobs on the streets of Kabul to support their families. We’ve outlined ways to get involved below.


  • Signup for Sozo’s e-newsletter: sozointernational.org (link at page bottom)
  • Follow Sozo on FacebookInstagram and Twitter
  • Set a recurring calendar appointment as a reminder to pray regularly for Sozo
  • Post a map or picture in a place to remind you to pray for Sozo
  • As you get to know more about Sozo, consider picking out a few things or people to specifically and consistently pray for
  • Grab a prayer card from a Sozo volunteer in the lobby of your campus


  • Make a general one-time or ongoing donation to Sozo online.
  • Make a donation to help Sozo expand in New York and run programs there.
  • Make a donation to provide support to one of Sozo’s initiatives: sozointernational.org, click on Initiatives (Education, Economic, Healthcare, Family Outreach, NYC)
  • Donate your gently used laptops to Sozo for use in the school and training center – info@sozointernational.org
  • If you are part of a small group that would like to engage with one of our programs or families on a regular basis – info@sozointernational.org
  • Sozo will be putting together a team of people to move to Afghanistan to serve long-term.  Contact missions@flatironschurch.com to be notified how to support this team
  • Support Interns who go to serve with Sozo in New York or Afghanistan. Contact missions@flatironschurch.com
  • Support people going on short-term teams to New York or Afghanistan: flatironschurch.com/globaloutreach (click on Trips)
  • Get to know Afghans who have moved here and build a relationship with them
  • Raise awareness with your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers about Sozo and host an event to share about what Sozo is doing in New York and Afghanistan – contact:  amanda@sozointernational.org
  • Upcoming Sozo events will be announced via their newsletter – invite friends and family to come to those with you
  • Sozo will be looking for volunteers for programs in New York City – connect friends or family you know there who would be interested in joining that work: info@sozointernational.org



Have kids? See ways for them to get involved here!